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Zazzle Extended Review

I have a basic review of Zazzle in another blog post. This one will have more information in case you want to experiment with Zazzle.
If you are familiar with Zazzle than you know that they have every product that you can think of.
  • Apparel ( tshirts, hoddies, shoes, bags)
  • Tech ( Samsung/Apple Case, Laptop case, portable chargers, speakers)
  • Kitchenware ( towels, cutting board, beer coozies)
  • Home Decor ( Pillows, Throw Blanket)
  • Accessories ( keychains, necklaces)
  • Office Supplies ( pencils, pens, notebooks, rulers)
And lots more. Buy products from artists or customize your own with your pictures and text.
If your artist, I recommend that you upload work to each product so you can make it look the best! Rather than using batch create. Though using batch create to upload work on many products, often your products wont look their best, deterring buyers from your shop.
Make sure your products look good and are customizable so your buyers can customize the item if they would like by changing the colors and adding their name/initials if they would like.
Now I only have a few select products added in my shop but with Zazzle’s new feature, “transfer design” you can select a product and under About this product you will see a link that says transfer design,
you can add the design to any of Zazzle’s thousand products. You can see the current design, on the various products….
If you are first start out with Zazzle you will fell overwhelmed because of how much work you need to put in to your shop. I have had my shop for a little over two years and have made $25…….. Even with heavy promotion.
If you are curious here is my shop link: www.zazzle.com/purelifephotoss
Thanks for reading

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