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My Work on Your Products

My portfolio is filled with everything that matters to me! I want to share that with you. I find inspiration in many things like my love of animals; creating many collections for animal lovers and activists.  I also have a few works to help promote mental health awareness and bring positive vibes.

Did you know?  26,500 species are endangered? 1.5 million shelter cats and dogs get euthanized each year? 130 people take their life each day?

The Process

1. You can either pick one of my designs, I can customize a previous design or I can make one just for you!

2. I can send over the high res files including transparent files, JPEG and patterns in the file size you need!

3. Put my work on your products! MUST give me design credit though…. I will help promote in through social media as well.

4. You pay me a percentage of earnings each quarter from what ever was sold!

Work with me!

Send me a little about what you are looking for and I will see what I can come up with. Once I have a basic idea we can go from there with pricing and next steps.

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Please note: If you pick a design that is already in my portfolio, it will be in my print on demand shops. If you would like a custom design for your brand, it will not be put in my POD shops for sale. I will promote through my blog and social media about the process of the project. I retain all copyright information and I get design credit! Please don’t take credit for my work and resell it as your own.