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Why I have a Blog on my Artist Portfolio

Hello WordPress my old friend, I switched back to WordPress.

  • Better SEO… this means more people can find my site
  • More options
  • Built in stats
  • cheaper

If you have followed my journey from the start then you will know I switched from WordPress. com to Wix…. now my site is self hosted on Thank you to my loyal followers and sorry for the confusion.

I have a blog on my site to share the latest series I’m working on, to explain what my works are about, share tips that I have picked up from starting my artistic journey, and more.

Having a blog on your art website can help improve your SEO. You probably will give your website a face lift once a year or update your portfolio every few months. Adding a blog allows you to explain your work, share tips and more with your viewers. I update my blog about every week to two weeks. This keeps my site fresh and allows it remains in Googles ranking.

I have recently updated my blog, giving it a face lift to match the style of the rest my website. I added two more categories and a sign up button. By signing up on my blog you can now get an email whenever I publish a new post!

I have my blog split into sections.

  • Inspiration – where I share what inspired my work
  • Products – product reviews from my shops, guides with various products from my shops & products from other artists
  • Photography – where I share my favorite photos & photo journals
  • Other Media – various media that I have worked with
  • Art Features – all the places that have mentioned my work or my site
  • Artist Advice – any tips that I have learned from my art journey

It’s your blog, you can set it up however you like!

Is okay to update blog posts that you have already published? YES! I just did this actually. I went through and updated any outdated information. This also helps keep your blog fresh and helps your website rank higher in search engines. Updating old blog posts can be just as important as writing new posts.

Not sure what to write? Write about your art. Got a new art series, explain it! What inspired it? Share important moments in your art journey. Featured in a magazine, write about that. Have tips, share those!

When I write blogs about what inspires my art, I will usually link other articles and media that inspired that idea as well as explaining. Using other links and media in a blog post along with your art can help.

While sharing what your art is about, you could be bringing in buyers. People buy art that they can find a connection with. Art brings people together, sparks conversation and helps the world look less boring. If you share your work and write a blog that allows buyers to connect with your work, you have a new buyer!

How long should my post be? It can be however long you would like it. Make sure to have good pictures. Make sure to double check your spelling. I use a free app plugin for my internet browser called Grammarly. It helps me so much with correcting my grammar and spelling.

Write a draft of your blog then save it as a draft, publish it when you want to. Saving blogs as drafts is a great way to not put too much pressure on yourself. Or if you have a wordpress blog like me, you can schedule your post!

Once you hit publish and your blog post looks great. Share it!
Also, check out my Pinterest board for more blogging tips.

Thank you for reading!- Abby (purelifephotoss)

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