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Why I Don’t Promote Every Single Sale on my Shops?

As a POD artist, you will have to promote your products in order to get them sold. Obviously.

I’m a big believer in promoting your shops but you can over do it.

Especially in the beginning. How will people know you have a new product or even started selling your art through print on demand websites?

You promote through social media! Looking for tips. Check out this blog post!

Don’t promote every single sale on your social media!

Don’t be that artist that promotes every single sale on their social media. Just don’t!

Promoting every sale is just annoying to both you and your followers!

This gives off the vibe that you just want to make money with your art. If you want that then you shouldn’t be a POD artist. POD is a great way to make money with your art but don’t expect to get rich overnight. POD like anything else takes time.

Looking for your tips to make your first sale through POD? Check out these blog posts about to find success with it!

Sales just happen…

  • 80% of the time I will make a sale even when I don’t promote the sale in the shops.
  • Don’t expect sales to start rolling in either!
  • Once you make your first sale more will follow!

There is almost always some sort of sale going in one of my shops, all you have to do is check! Visit my shops and see if there is a sale. How hard is that!

I like to promote important sales! Like Back to School, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. This is usually when I have a spike in sales.

Here are some examples of how I promote my Print on Demand shops.

This is a promo ad I created for the back to school sales.

This is the video ad I created for Black Friday….

Thank you for reading!

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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