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Where I find my Inspiration

Some of my inspiration! Follow me on Pinterest to see my inspiration!

1- I am a music lover, the song lyrics usually say what I can’t. So does my art.

See more art inspired by music here

2. T.V. Shows – I’m also a fan of many t.v. shows!

A simple typography artwork with a bright color scheme. Inspired by the late 1980 and 1990 television show Full House! Still, one of my favorites today!
Simple typography design with a galaxy of stars. Inspired by the Children’s show SpongeBob Squarepants. I honestly still can’t believe that they are still making new episodes of this!
When 13 Reasons Why came out, it took off! This series definitely gives a great message! This real and this is happening.

3. Movies – I love Disney movies

Alice in Wonderland and the Lion King are my two favorite Disney movies.
*** I take inspiration from TV shows/movies. The little things that stand out to me, a line, a theme, a symbol. Then I put my spin on that inspiration. NEVER copyright, just because others copyright and take designs from others doesn’t mean you should.

4. Patterns/ Items in the Store

Vera Bradly

As much as I HATE shopping, I go and look for inspiration.

Random Inspiration

For school, I did a report on the famous Women’s Rights activist Barbra Kruger. I loved her work so much that I decided to make my own.

More about this artwork here
I am a strong supporter of Animal Abuse Awareness. I strongly believe that every animal should get a second chance! The color of animal abuse awareness is purple.
Other places I find inspiration include news articles, past trends, and books!
Most of my designs have some sort of inspiration behind them, others don’t. Some ideas just come to me. There are times when I am bored and, create a great design!
I have many blog posts about what inspires my art in the inspiration section of my blog, where I explain what inspired the work!
Thank you for reading!
-Abby( purelifephotoss)
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