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You’re an artist! Great…. now what? Start selling it.

I did much research before starting I even considered the idea of selling my art…. plus I had people telling me that ” I couldn’t make money as an artist”.

There are a few ways to make money with your art

Sell art physically – You can make money directly with this

  • craft shows
  • Have a local coffee shop or local business hang your art on their walls (make sure to give them a few business cards for those that are interested)
  • Create an online store through your website or Esty to sell physical crafts/prints

There are many ways to sell your art online

With these ways you will make passive income, meaning you create the content and it keeps making money.

  • Art licensing companies like Jewel Branding
  • Print on Demand sites like Society6 and Redbubble (info on how to start selling with PODS)
  • Digital Downloads – Zedge (cell phone wallpaper), Stock Photography sites like Shutterstock and Twenty20, Ebooks like Amazon Epub
  • Affiliate Marketing – I use Skimlinks throughout my site
  • Crowdfunding Websites – Patron or Ko-fi This is my Ko-fi account.
  • Create an online class/podcast – love teaching people? Try Skillshare!
  • Create a YouTube Channel – maybe create videos for DIY crafts or educational videos or vlogs about artist life…. YES you can really make money with YouTube

Either avenue you pick, I would suggest picking multiple ways, especially if you are selling your art online! Society6 and Redbubble will not be enough to make a healthy income…. if you are looking for tips regarding these sites check out my blog #shareyourstory.

Also, make social accounts for your work! Get it out to the public.



Abby Juli is a self titled creative rebel and creator of the brand Purelifephotoss. Abby is an advocate for animals and mental health awareness. Find her digital artwork and photography in multiple print on demand shops on a variety of products.


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