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Town Support

Since of my photos made the news on CNY Central at 11, I have been working with the Town of Nile’s to help them update the pictures on their website as well as some pictures on the wall. See some pictures that will be on display soon here.

The Town website officially has two of my photos on their site! One on their homepage and one on the about page.
About a year later, October 2018, I finally can say I have my photos decorating the walls of the local town hall.
I have also participated in the Town Community Days at a local business many times. There is uselessly one during the summer and one before the holidays sometimes.

As well as showing off my digital work, I made some small crafts like dream-catchers and key-chains and necklaces.
Thank you for reading and looking at my art!
– Abby (purelifephotoss)

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