The Story of the Starving Artist

I’m sure every artist has heard the term “starving artist”, myself included. I talk a little bit about this in my blog about how I started my Art Journey. I’m not a huge fan of getting called this…. honestly I’m not making a huge amount of money yet, but I believe that one day I can (I can pay my Hulu/Spotify/Google/ Wix monthly subscriptions).
You need more than great art to be successful in the art world. You might think of art as a hobby but if you want to be able to support yourself you need
1. Motivation – you need to believe in your art and yourself.
2. Marketing skills – you need to be able to promote your art, whether it’s blogging, through social media or selling it in a shop. Your art needs to be able to tell a story, your story. People love it when they can relate to your artwork.
3. Never stop learning – watch YouTube or Skillshare classes on how to improve. ask for critiques. keep up on what is trending and apply those elements in your work ( your art will always be on trend)
4. Time & Patience – It takes a long time to build up loyal fans from scratch. Hard work pays off.
More importantly – Love what you do!
Everyone has different meanings of what success is and what art is but you NEED the other skills to be successful as an artist.
Why should you support artists? Read this blog post. See how art is a job, I have heard this a million times too. “Art isn’t a job”…..
Thank you for reading
– Purelifephotoss(Abby)
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