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Teepublic & Redbubble Haul

I bought a few things from Teepublic and Redbubble. Mostly from other artists that I love, I did by a sticker from my Redbubble shop and a T-shirt from my Teepublic shop…..
I have linked all of the artist’s names and the products below if you want one for yourself!

First the T-shirt. I love it. The print quality came out amazing, the gold gradient doesn’t show until it’s on camera but that makes it better. My two favorite things, wolves and Bon Jovi…. this design was inspired by my love of wolves, Jon Bon Jovi’s Hart N Dagger apparel line, and their music. The shipping was fast, it even came a few days before expected! There is no tag either.

Teepublic T shirt

Next, the stickers. I got most of these from Redbubble, their stickers are always on sale! Buy 4 and get 25% off or buy 10 and get 50% off.

I also got two from Teepublic. They are all small stickers, the print quality is amazing. They are REALLY durable, I re-stuck them many times to get them the way I wanted them. Yes, even my stickers are cats, and they are soo cute!

Redbubble Stickers: (Affliate Links)
*** The artist donates any earnings from this work to the Andean Cat Alliance.
*** this design is really popular in my shops
Teepublic Stickers: (Affliate Links)
I will definitely be buying more products from these websites in the future!
Thank you for reading!

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