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    How I mange my POD shops, Website and Social Media…..

    I have five print on demand sites, a website, a blog, all the social media to go along with that…. seems like a lot of right? How do I manage it? It started with Redbubble. Redbubble was my first POD shop. I have been with this site for a little around three and a half years. I wanted to build up my portfolio with this site and get the feel for how Print on Demand sites work. I did exactly that, as soon as I felt I got the hang of it and had a decent portfolio going….. I started a Society6 shop. Then after a while I added a…

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    Importance of tagging on Print on Demand Sites

    Today I want to talk about the importance of tagging your work on sites like Redbubble and other Print on Demand sites…. Why should I tag my work? Tag your work so it will be found! If you don’t tag your work how can it be found….. What tags should I use? Describe your work. What first comes to mind when you look at your artwork. What are the colors used? What are the elements of the piece. How many tags should I use? I always use as many tags as I can. I aim for 10 – 15 tags. Redbubble allows for 30 tags, every site is different. Society6…

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    Snarky Pet Sayings Tshirts

    Prefer your furry friends over people…. This series is for you! Little did I know I had already started this series…. Rather be with my Cat/Rather be with my Dog Fluent Meow/ Fluent Woolf My Best Friends has Paws My Cat Doesn’t Like You/ My Dog Doesn’t Like You Proud Cat Mom/ Proud Dog Mom Your Cat Wants Your To Be/ Your Dog Wants You To Be My Pets Don’t Approve My Cat is Well Loved/My Dog Gets What he Wants Also, check out my blog posts about being a cat lady and preferring your dog. Thank you for reading. -Abby (purelifephotoss)

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    Be successful with Print on Demand Site

    I started using print on demand sites 4 years ago. My first one being Redbubble. Once I learned the tricks with that site, I started experimenting with other sites. So you’re an artist and you have determined your style, and you have started using social media for it. Great! Now What? I use print on demand sites because its easier for me. If you have no clue what I’m talking about check out this blog post, where I explain the basics of Print on demand sites. 1. Resize your work – I use 9000 pixels by the appropriate pixels and save the file in a .jpeg, a .png ( for…

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    Back to School Guide

    Yes, it’s that time… Back To School. Summer is over and classes begin. You either love it or hate it. Looking for a unique flash drive, a cool pencil pouch, a fun notebook or a new tee….. Starting College? This means you have your own dorm to decorate possibly….. Fun pillows, comfy duvet covers/comforters, and stylish wall tapestries Find everything you need on Society6 and Redbubble. Flash Drives are exclusive to Zazzle. Keep a look out for those back to school sales on my social media, I wish I had known about these site when I was in school….. Go back to class the right way! Each purchase supports an…

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    Zazzle Review Extended

    I have a basic review of Zazzle in another blog post. This one will have more information in case you want to experiment with Zazzle. If you are familiar with Zazzle than you know that they have every product that you can think of. Apparel ( tshirts, hoddies, shoes, bags) Tech ( Samsung/Apple Case, Laptop case, portable chargers, speakers) Kitchenware ( towels, cutting board, beer coozies) Home Decor ( Pillows, Throw Blanket) Accessories ( keychains, necklaces) Office Supplies ( pencils, pens, notebooks, rulers) And lots more. Buy products from artists or customize your own with your pictures and text. If your artist, I recommend that you upload work to each…

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    Holiday Gift Guide

    All the signs are here….short days, long nights, cold weather. This can only meany one thing. The holidays are coming. If you HATE holiday shopping here is a guide to ease your pain. Tech Lovers Kitchenware Shop Mugs on Redbubble and get a discount!!! Buy 2 and save 15%, Buy 4 and save 20% Animal Lovers Check out my Artwork for animal series for more! Each purchase goes to help the animals. Gifts Under $25 Buy 2 notebooks on Redbubble, get 15% off Buy 4 stickers on Redbubble, get 25% off Clothing Find a tee that shows off your personality! Home Decor Buy 2 Pillows on Redbubble, get 15% off…

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    Cat Lovers Carry All Pouches

    National Cat Day is October 29.  Here are some designs for cat lovers! Certified Cat Lady 2. Cat Love Infinity Inspiration behind the design: https://www.purelifephotoss.com/blog/a-cats-love 3. Sweet Kitty Cat Mandala 4.Everyone Needs a Black Cat Inspiration behind this design: https://www.purelifephotoss.com/blog/love-a-black-cat 5. Fluent Meow 6. Cats Never Go Out of Style! Find these adorable cat designs on my Redbubble and Society6shops! Thank you for looking at my art! -Abby(purelifephotoss)

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    Print on Demand Explained

    Most independent artists use a P.O.D site or Print on Demand sites like Redbubble or Society6. However, I have had a few questions from some of my followers about what exactly is a P.O.D shop.Here are a few examples…. Redbubble Society6 Zazzle LiveHeroes Rageon FineArtAmerica DesignsbyHumans Teepublic Threadless Casetify There are always new sites popping up in google. The basics…. Print on demand sites handles everything from production, shipping, finances, and even returns! Now let’s break it into an easier way to understand. These sites provide many conveniences for the artist. These sites allow an independent artist like myself to continue to design work and make money. An artist either pays…

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    Print on Demand Reviews

    I have been using a few print on demand site to sell my art for about two years now. I will be doing review of those sites! If you dont know what a Print on Demand site is, go check out this blog post here. Redbubble First Impression: My first impression was that this site is a mix between trendy pop culture art and fine art. This was great for me because I do both! My digital art tends to follow trends while my photos tend to be more related to fine art. You can upload a cover photo, a avatar to allow people to see your logo and a…