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    Music Inspired Art Prints

    You know those moments where a catchy beat or your favorite song gets stuck in your head…..those moments might make me sound weird. As you guessed it my the music I like is random too. It usually goes from old school 70’s Pop like Tom Petty, to Classic Rock such as Bon Jovi, to 90’s grunge like Shinedown & Papa Roach to some….even through in a few throwback pop songs…. Those catchy songs might just be my next source of insperation Blackbird – The Beatles Wildflower – Tom Petty Bon Jovi Diamond Eyes – Shinedown Rescue Me – Thirty Seconds to Mars I am Human – Escape the Fate Warrior…

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    Blackbird Art

    This series started with the fact that both my dad and I share a love for older music. I have heard almost every Beatles song on the radio station that he listens to except for one. Blackbird. One day, I asked him if he has ever heard the song on the radio, no he said. He was curious how I was familiar with the song. He told me it was one of their less popular songs. It all started with a book that I was reading. The book was called Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre. The main charterer of the book, Hope loves the song because of her mom. I…

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    Band Approved Art

    Since my brand is growing I have noticed my following grow as well. Every artist has to start some where right. In this case I have had a few of my favorite bands approve of my art! Linkin Park Approved This tweet is now my most re-tweeted and liked tweet! Thank you Linkin Park. I dedicated this work to the bands lead singer, Chester Bennington who sadly lost his life to suicide. Papa Roach Approved here is the post. Shinedown Approved Art Here is the post. These may seem like little milestones, but they made me happy to know that famous bands approve of my work! – Purelifephotoss (Abby)