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    Ocean Sunset Digitally

    I used to watch Bob Ross back when my family only had the few local channels. I decided I would try to recreate one of his paintings digitally… It’s a lot harder thank it looks. He makes painting look so easy….. I chose the painting Ocean Sunset (Episode 10, Season 10) Here is my version. I used the program Krita on my Microsoft Surface… I didn’t have the same brushes and I couldn’t blend the colors like Bob Ross but it came out good. Would you like to see this in my Print on Demand shops? Let me know! Thank you for reading – Abby (purelifephotoss)

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    Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Art

    I was first shown this painting in second grade. Georgia O’Keeffe painted Deer Skull with Pedernal in 1936 with oil paints. She painted this scene many times and said this before her death. “It’s my private mountain. It belongs to me. God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it” Later on when I re discovered my love for art I used the same elements of this painting in a new way. I took this black and white photo in 2018 at a local zoo. I did this boho style digital artwork in 2018 as well. Thank you for reading -Abby (purelifephotoss)

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    Art inspired by GMW/BMW

    Another work inspired by a Disney show.   Riley Matthews learns that she got the best parts of both her parents, Cory and Topenga.   After, telling her best friend Maya a story of the other bay window. The next scene is from Boy Meets World when Riley sees her mother isn’t perfect. Here is that scene.   After seeing this, and learning that her parents aren’t perfect she repeats her mother’s words. “I don’t think I’m weird. I think I’m unique.”   I think this scene is one of my favorites. Riley learns that everyone is unique.   Kind of like my brand name. Purelifephotoss. It has two s’s…

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    How I Never Run Out of Ideas

    Another great quote from Pablo Picasso, “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.” It seems like I never run out of ideas because; I’m always inspired by something. I have many blog posts about what inspires me! As I said in my blog post, My Artist Style, my mind never goes to sleep. Inspiration and ideas are all around us, all you have to do is look! In most cases, I will get an idea when I’m not thinking about it. I am always looking for inspiration though. These are just a few places where I find inspiration…… Where my ideas start…… Catchy songs Popular media Catchphrases from…

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    Music Inspired Art Prints

    You know those moments where a catchy beat or your favorite song gets stuck in your head…..those moments might make me sound weird. As you guessed it the music I like is random too. It usually goes from old school 70’s Pop like Tom Petty, to Classic Rock such as Bon Jovi, to 90’s grunge like Shinedown & Papa Roach to some….even through in a few throwback pop songs…. Those catchy songs might just be my next source of inspiration Blackbird – The Beatles Wildflower – Tom Petty Bon Jovi Diamond Eyes – Shinedown Rescue Me – Thirty Seconds to Mars I am Human – Escape the Fate Warrior by:…

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    Rude Humor

    If you have ever seen a episode of Roseanne, then you will know that “rude humor” and inside jokes are her thing. You will also have a stomach ache from laughing at her jokes. The original ten seasons started in 1988 and ended in 1997. During the very last episode of the original sires, Dan had suffered a heart attack and died. Years later in 2018 it was renewed for a eleventh season. In the first moments of the reboot, Roseanne wakes up and says “I Thought You Were Dead”. Roseanne learns she was dreaming and let the new memories of the Conner family begin. This moment was funny because…

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    Press Play…..

    13 Reasons Why first hit Netflix in 2017, a series of 13 episodes for 13 tapes. Each person who played a role in Hannah Baker’s death had one, including the school counselor. The sires shows that teen suicide is a REAL possibility and depicts the actions very clear. The last episode when Hannah end up taking her own life. Season 2 is now here and ready to be binge watched…… I found some inspiration from season one ( I probably shouldn’t have but I cant help it when I get an idea) It started with every episode opening with a cassette tape. I created my own cassette tape and used…

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    Stay Golden

    You can find inspiration from anywhere. Including books. Here are a few artworks that I have done that were inspired by some of my favorite books in the next few posts. I will share a little bit about the book and the cover since this is an art blog I will spend more time talking about the art and how the book inspired it. The book I’m going to talk about is a classic, I first read it during my freshman year of high school, since then I have watched the movie every time its on and have reread the book a few times. I have to say it is…

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    Blackbird Art

    This series started with the fact that both my dad and I share a love for older music. I have heard almost every Beatles song on the radio station that he listens to except for one. Blackbird. One day, I asked him if he has ever heard the song on the radio, no he said. He was curious how I was familiar with the song. He told me it was one of their less popular songs. It all started with a book that I was reading. The book was called Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre. The main charterer of the book, Hope loves the song because of her mom. I…

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    Trends making a comeback

    Artists are always idea hunting to find the latest trends…..my go to is pinterest. To keep on top of current trends, check out this site, full of websites that keep track of the trends for you! From apps, to color choices, to fashion and more.  For daily trends I use Twitter. Once we find these new trends to hunt down and to try to figure out how to incorporate them into your own artwork! 2019 Trends Old school looks are now new school.…. Retro design Neon Tie Dye Bohemian Floral Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral   Fanny Packs are back too…..why??? 2018 Trends If you were a 90s…