• Photography

    Bible Verse Photography Photo Book

    I created a photo book of my Bible Verse Photography series. Where I share God’s Word and God’s Art with photographs that I have taken! This is just a sneak peek! Get the full book FREE! Just click this link: Bible Verse Photography .pdf Also, see artwork inspired by God! Hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading. – Abby(purelifephotoss)

  • Inspiration

    Art inspired by God

    While at college I had a friend tell me “your art is inspired by God, you just don’t know it yet” I always took inspiration from whatever was around me. catchy song lyrics, movie catchphrases, symbols in books, latest trends/past trends. Literally anything could inspire my art. I just didn’t think God would be one of them….. I have created religious works in the past. Still thought nothing of it. This is one of the first ones…. later on I created a few more. Still though nothing of…. Till one day when I was talking to that same friend. I knew I wanted to create a design with her interests.…

  • Photography

    The Art of Self Discovery

    A few weeks ago I came across the word Metanioa. It’s a Greek word meaning a transformative change of heart; especially : a spiritual conversion. Almost immediately I thought of self discovery and finding your true self. Here is the dictionary definition of Self Discovery: the act or process of achieving self-knowledge I am a self-taught artist who loves natures photography. As I improved my art, I learned that I was also discovering my self through my artwork. I believe that art tells the story of the artist behind that work. I mean why create art if you are not going to get something from that art piece.  If you…