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    Tips for Finding the Right Mindset for Creating Art?

    Being an artist takes a certain mindset to be able to create art. 1. You are an artist!: I knew I wanted to be an artist but it wasn’t until a few years ago when I first called myself an artist. Believe in your art. If you don’t take yourself and your artwork seriously, no one will! 2. Have confidence in your work: have confidence in your work! Your art is great and it represents you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I once had former teachers tell me that doing art through photoshop and creating it digitally isn’t enough. Though I was told that years ago, it stayed with…

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    How I mange my POD shops, Website and Social Media…..

    I have five print on demand sites, a website, a blog, all the social media to go along with that…. seems like a lot of right? How do I manage it? It started with Redbubble. Redbubble was my first POD shop. I have been with this site for a little around three and a half years. I wanted to build up my portfolio with this site and get the feel for how Print on Demand sites work. I did exactly that, as soon as I felt I got the hang of it and had a decent portfolio going….. I started a Society6 shop. Then after a while I added a…

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    Importance of tagging on Print on Demand Sites

    Today I want to talk about the importance of tagging your work on sites like Redbubble and other Print on Demand sites…. Why should I tag my work? Tag your work so it will be found! If you don’t tag your work how can it be found….. What tags should I use? Describe your work. What first comes to mind when you look at your artwork. What are the colors used? What are the elements of the piece. How many tags should I use? I always use as many tags as I can. I aim for 10 – 15 tags. Redbubble allows for 30 tags, every site is different. Society6…

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    Favorite Youtube Artists

    One way to keep learning and expanding your skills as an artist is watching videos Two places I go to Skillshare and YouTube. Primly YouTube, it’s free! Here are some of my favorite YouTube artists. These artists have amazing artwork, great tips and a loyal fan base to back up their work! 1.Kirsty Partridge Art Kristy Partridge uses watercolor pencils and charcoal to create amazing artwork! Her YouTube channel is full of tutorials, artist tips, and hacks! I personally love her videos for Art Topics and Advice, where Kristy talks about various aspects of art while showing a time-lapse of her beautiful artwork. 2. Happy D. Artist Happy D. uses…

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    Buy me a Ko-fi

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker but this coffee I like….. Looking for a way to support me but don’t want to purchase one of my products…. that sucks but I understand….. Buy me a coffee ☕ Ko – fi is similar to Patreon but it’s more of a one-time donation. I can also share blog posts and images. Like my art? Want to buy me a coffee? www.ko-fi.com/purelifephotoss The goal?? $50 for the World Wildlife Fund and Best Friends Animal Society Once my goal is reached I will update this post with the new goal…. Another way to suppoIt’sme? Its FREE!!!! Check out this blog post.

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    Be successful with Print on Demand Site

    I started using print on demand sites 4 years ago. My first one being Redbubble. Once I learned the tricks with that site, I started experimenting with other sites. So you’re an artist and you have determined your style, and you have started using social media for it. Great! Now What? I use print on demand sites because its easier for me. If you have no clue what I’m talking about check out this blog post, where I explain the basics of Print on demand sites. 1. Resize your work – I use 9000 pixels by the appropriate pixels and save the file in a .jpeg, a .png ( for…

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    #Shareyourstory II

    This blog post is a continuation of the first blog post #shareyourstory. This blog post will be filled with tips that I have learned during the past few years to increase sales. Find general tips to help increase sales and you’re following for your art in the first post. 1) Optimize your Art Make your image look the best it can look on the various products Make sure your files for t-shirts and stickers are .PNG, they have a transparent background. For bigger items like scarfs, duvet covers and leggings use patterns. Redbubble makes that part easy but with other sites, you need to make your own pattern with the…

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    Steal like a Artist

    Good Artist Steal, Great Artists Copy – Pablo Picasso A famous quote from Picasso, in this case the only way I would “steal”. Good Artists steal, simply means putting your spin on a popular style of work. Artists are always taking inspiration from past trends. Look at the fashion trends making a comeback from the 1980s and 1990s. Read this blog post to see some trends I “stole” and incorporated in my own art. Barbra Kruger was an artist during the Women s Movement in the 1960s. While learning about her work, her style stuck out to me. Little did I know I would find inspiration in her work and…

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    Creative Rescources I Use

    I have gotten a few questions about how I create my art. I am a self taught artist who has alot of free time. I spent it scrolling through Pinterest looking for new ideas/tips, watching online videos on how to improve my process. Today I will provide those resources and materials for you. List one is where I find my images, brushes and fonts. 1) DaFont – I use Dafont to get my fonts. 2) Myphotoshopbrushes – My Photoshop Brushes is a site where you can download a variety of photoshop brushes. 3. Brushezzy – Another site for downloading photoshop brushes. 4) Google Images – Google isn’t the most reliable…

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    Redbubble Product Reviews

    I have bought a few things from Redbubble. Redbubble I have a baseball tee and a t-shirt as well. The 3/4 sleeve was a men’s small so it’s a bit big. I still really like this shirt. Design: Blackbird Doodles The t-shirt is a women’s small, it fits perfectly! I love it. Design: Minimal Wildflower I love the fact that I can wear my designs. It makes me feel good whenever someone says “I like your shirt”, I get to say I designed it. I have washed both shirts several times and they still look great. The colors have not faded. I have wanted a drawstring bag for a while!…