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I came across this image on Facebook.  

Why you should support independent artists?? I have heard this ton of times. “Being an artist isn’t a job” Yes it is!  

Being an artist is allowing yourself to be your own boss. Think about it.

There is no set schedule. No 9-5 hours. You set the hours. You still have to manage your time though…. if you spend too much time working then all of your ideas will run into Artist Block.   You can’t be creative all the time….take a break and go look for inspiration.

An artist can essentially work anywhere in the world. You don’t have to go to the same building day after day. (That gets boring).

Being your own boss means marketing and a lot of it if you want to be successful. Lots of social media. Being an artist is work from finding ideas to putting them on paper to getting your art out in the public.  

Why people chose art???

People choose art as a career for many reasons. Being an artist has pros and cons. First, you get to be your own boss! But that’s a lot of work. Second, you get to show your personality through what you love.  

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton  

There are few downsides to being an artist like internet trolls, artist block, and self-doubt. Artist block is an easy fix, take a step back, and go idea hunting. Internet trolls are everywhere! They will leave rude hurtful comments on your work that you worked so hard on. This could leave you to question the decision to be creative. Yes, the comments hurt, but ignore it and move on with doing what you love. Tackle self doubts the same way. Rather than others beating you up, it’s your self doing the damage. It doesn’t last forever.    

So yes back to the original reason for this post. Support Independent Artists! It’s free.   You don’t have to buy something from the artist to make their day. Simply spread the word. Like their work on social media. Leave a meaningful comment. (It makes my day to see that someone took the time to leave a comment) Share their business card.

“It is important to express oneself…provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience.” Berthe Morisot  

Thank you for reading! Please share this!

– Abby (Purelifephotoss)  


Abby Juli is a self titled creative rebel and creator of the brand Purelifephotoss. Abby is an advocate for animals and mental health awareness. Find her digital artwork and photography in multiple print on demand shops on a variety of products.


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