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#Shareyourstory II

This blog post is a continuation of the first blog post #shareyourstory. Find general tips to help increase sales and you’re following for your art in the first post.

This blog post will be filled with tips that I have learned during the past few years to increase sales.

1) Optimize your Art Make your image look the best it can look on the various products

Make sure your files for t-shirts and stickers are .PNG, they have a transparent background. For bigger items like scarfs, duvet covers and leggings use patterns. Redbubble makes that part easy but with other sites, you need to make your own pattern with the art.

2) Try the same work in multiple color palettes same pattern, 4 different color pallets

3) Find your style Since your art is an extension of who you are, it gives you a chance to show your personality through your work.

I have 2 primary styles. Photography and Digital Artwork My digital artwork has many subjects, while my photography focuses on one main subject. Nature.

Find your style. If you have a unique style that people will recognize, they will most likely refer your art to their friends and if they do buy something from you, they will come back.

4) Follow trends & Find Inspiration I find inspiration in everything for my art.

I get ideas from trends, shopping, song lyrics, movies, daily hashtags…… Find what inspires you.

More importantly, put your spin on that inspiration.

Add the same works to multiple sites, then see what sells best where. I have the same works on all of my sites.

Note: Now that you know your style of art and you have made a sale, know that it takes time to get going.

Using print on demand sites isn’t a way to get rich overnight. It takes time.

Thank you for reading.

– Abby(Purelifephtoss)

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