Rude Humor

If you have ever seen a episode of Roseanne, then you will know that “rude humor” and inside jokes are her thing. You will also have a stomach ache from laughing at her jokes.
The original ten seasons started in 1988 and ended in 1997. During the very last episode of the original sires, Dan had suffered a heart attack and died. Years later in 2018 it was renewed for a eleventh season. In the first moments of the reboot, Roseanne wakes up and says “I Thought You Were Dead”. Roseanne learns she was dreaming and let the new memories of the Conner family begin. This moment was funny because Dan’s response was “Why does everyone always think I’m dead?” Roseanne reply’s “because you looked happy. I thought you moved on.” see the video clip here.
I grew up watching reruns of this show with my dad and now that the reboot came out, I was the one making my parents watch it with me. Until a few days ago, when the second season of the reboot was canceled. #bringbackroseanne
I chose this minimal design because Rossane saying “I Thought You Were Dead” brings both seasons together. Other than the time gap the house looks the same and the original cast being older, the show is still just as funny as the day it left. The bottom half of the skull represents the time gap that was ultimately a really long dream. The skull seemed to fit the rude humor them. The minimal look of black and white never goes out of style……..
I hope you like it! You can now find this design in my shops.
-purelifephotoss (Abby)

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