Redbubble VS Society6 Hoodie

Last year I got a hoodie from my Society6 shop for Christmas. Recently I got a hoodie from my Redbubble shop. I wanted to compare them.

The Society6 hoodie is a Bella Canvas. The print was bright and vibrant a year ago when I got, since the I have washed it several times and the print still looks decent. I ordered a small on during the Black Friday sale and ended up with a hoodie for $15.
The one thing I learned here is to ask why the process was taking so long. Since I ordered it the weekend of Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, I should have known it would take longer. Silly me, I was expecting it to be at my door in two weeks like normal. Any way I email Society6 and they kindly apologized and refunded half my money.
I usually order a small and it the fit was a bit baggy but nothing to complain about. Overall I love the hoodie. The hoodie itself was soft. Although the white drawstrings came out after the first few washes. Still nothing to complain about.
I would get another hoodie from Society6.
If you want this hoodie:

The Redbubble hoodie is a lightweight hoodies so it doesn’t have the same fuzzy warm inside. This time I ordered a extra small and it fits perfectly. The print looks great! The hoodie has black drawstrings to match the hoodie. I just got it, so washed it once to get the ink smell out of it.
This hoodie was $30 with the 20% off discount code. I love Redbubble’s ordering process. They send you a email every step of the way.
I love Redbubble products in general, so I will defiantly be getting another hoodie from Redbubble!
If you want this hoodie:
Overall both are amazing hoodies.
Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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