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Redbubble Brandbassador Review

I’m now a Redbubble Brand Ambassador.

What does this mean?

Using the Brandbassador app I can complete missions provided by Redbubble to earn points, cash, gift cards.

Redbubble also provides me with my own unique discount code and tracking link for my followers to use when they shop on Redbubble.

You can use this exclusive code for to get 15% off your purchase on Redbubble.


You can use this tracking code as well to shop the Redbubble site

Or take it one step further and use this link to shop my Redbubble shop.

If you use this code and tracking links, I will get a 4% commission as well.

How to compelete the missions?

This is their Fan Art Friday mission, they have it every Friday.

You find something that you are a fan of (music, tv shows, anime, etc.) There are soo many possibilities for this one!

Once you find your favorite Fan Art, share it on your Instagram stories feed with your followers with your exclusive tracking code or tracking link that the Brandbassador app provides you.

Note: You must have an Instagram Curator account for this because you will be tagging the brands

These are a few I have done.

After 24 hours you will upload another screenshot with the number of views your story got. You can find this in your arcived stories.

It is easy as that! Remember to follow the rules or you won’t get your reward!

Many of Redbubble’s missions are done through sharing their work through Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

How do I redeem my gift card? Go to your account and select your gift card account, from there you are given an option to enter the amount you want to withdraw. Your gift card will be in your email shortly.

You can add your cash gifts to your Redbubble gift card as well. You get more money this way too! You do this the same way if you were to redeem a Redbubble gift card but you go to your cash account. From there, you can transfer your cash amount to your Redbubble gift card.

One more tip, you enter the gift card code where you put the discount code on the checkout page. So this means you can only use one or the other when making your purchase!

Become a Redbubble Brandbassador here (affiliate link) OR Join the Brandbassor app here (affiliate link)

Thank you for reading and enjoy your discount!

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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