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The last week in September starts National Dog Week. Dogs have their own day on August 26, they even have their own year! 2018, and every other eleventh year.
Here are some photos of my dog. Max.

Yes, I dress my dog up for the holidays. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see them! These are just a few of the photos I have of my dog.
While watching a news report, there was a clip of how dog owners prefer being with their dog than other people… Do you?
That little clip gave me an idea.
A simple silhouette of a dog with the words “I Would Rather be With my Dog” cut out.
Choosing your dog over others can be healthy. Owning a dog has its health benefits too. Such as
  • Improves your health (walks/playtime)
  • Company. Yes they will listen, they might not understand
  • Adds value to your life
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
Find this design and other dog lover designs in my shops! OR you could match with your pooch with this collection!
Thank you for reading!
– Abby(Purelifephotoss)


Abby Juli is a self titled creative rebel and creator of the brand Purelifephotoss. Abby is an advocate for animals and mental health awareness. Find her digital artwork and photography in multiple print on demand shops on a variety of products.


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