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In the next few posts, I thought would talk about the different types art that I have done.
I have practiced with two types of printmaking while in school. Screen Printing and Printmaking.
The Differences
Screen printing: Screen printing involves making one or more masks – called screens although they are usually fabric like silk looking like fine window screen – and they are masks because the material is put on them to let ink through in some areas and not in others. One screen has to be made for each color.
Printmaking: Print making is any of many methods of laying down ink onto paper in a high-quality way, color by color.
I have learned multiple ways to work with both. My favorite way was working with water color crayons and encaustics. I would have to say my least favorite process was lithography.
Types of Printing
  • Engraving
  • Etching
  • Lithography
  • Monotype
Examples: During these classes, I would tend to lean towards a deformed Simba creature or a cat of some sort. The teacher would always know what works were mine.

Printmaking Works

The Simba Cat like series was done on wax paper with encaustics. Encaustics are when a wax block is heated up with a heat gun onto a griddle. An image is then drawn onto the griddle then the wax paper is placed over the top.

This is part of a nature series was done by covering a printmaking board with ink then putting leaves over the top then running the board through the printing press.

Screen Printing Works

This print was done by sprinkling baby powder onto a screen then covering the top with black and blue screen printing ink.
For this project, I drew a still life and transferred it to the screen.
The blue one images are what the project is supposed to look like, the rainbow was for fun!
This print was a photo print where a photograph was used to get the print. First, the image was transferred to a Mylar sheet then a special photo emulation was used to burn the image onto the screen.
I used a photo of my dog! He looks quite good in ink.
Printmaking classes were messy as all art classes, but these classes seemed really messy! Because you’re working with ink. If I had the materials, I would continue….


Abby Juli is a self titled creative rebel and creator of the brand Purelifephotoss. Abby is an advocate for animals and mental health awareness. Find her digital artwork and photography in multiple print on demand shops on a variety of products.


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