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Print on Demand Reviews

I have been using a few print on demand site to sell my art for about two years now. I will be doing review of those sites! If you don’t know what a Print on Demand site is, go check out this blog post here.


First Impression: My first impression was that this site is a mix between trendy pop culture art and fine art. This was great for me because I do both! My digital art tends to follow trends while my photos tend to be more related to fine art.

You can upload a cover photo, an avatar to allow people to see your logo and a sneak peek of your art. There are optional collections to sort your art work to make it easier to navigate and optional journal entries. You can also add a biography to tell your buyers about you and your work!

The upload process of work is very easy.

Redbubble is a very social community filled with artists who can comment on your work or click a heart to like it. Liking and commenting on others work is a great way to let others know your part of the community. There is a feature called Bubble mail for artists and buyer to send mail to you! Here is my RB storefront


I have bought: I have bought a few things from Redbubble. A phone case and a T-shirt

Purchase Products (Affliate Links): Cell Phone Case, Tshirt

I loved the phone case, it was so cute and durable. The colors were vibrant and colorful. The t shirt was soft and fun! The only flaw was that I should have done some more editing to the design to get the little white spots out. That’s my fault though. Shipping is fast, it arrives in about a week! The Redbubble Team will email send you email’s every step of the way. See more Redbubble products: here and here.

Redbubble is located in San Francisco (U.S.) and Melbourne (Australia) so the products are shipped from one of those areas depending on your location. Also, you get a free sticker with the purchase and their packaging is super cute.

Earnings: As an artist, you get a discount on your products if you buy them. There is always some sort of sale going on as well. You get originally get 20% of each purchase! This rate can be changed in the settings if you wish. I have quite a few sales from this site. You get paid through a pay-pal account or can receive a direct bank deposit at the 15 of every month.

All in all, I would recommend Redbubble 100% for both artists looking to sell and people who are looking for a unique gift! I think I have an addiction to Redbubble they have soo many cool artists.


First Impression: This shop is definitely more towards the fine art side. I have been with Society6 through many site changes. I do like them, I just don’t like all the glitches. The upload process is also fairly easy. You can upload a banner and an avatar to show a little sneak peek of your art. Society6 does also have likes and comments, when they work. Here is my storefront: (UPDATED)


I have bought several things from this site. Mainly stickers and t-shirts.

Purchase Products (Affiliate Links): Hoodie, T shirt, Sticker

I love their products, especially their new transparent stickers! Shipping is fast and the company lets you know the process of your order. I love all of their products so much!! They only problem that I really had been that my hoodie took longer than excepted to make and ship, I should have expected it because I ordered it on Black Friday (one of the biggest shopping days of the year before the Holidays). Somehow I forgot about that little fact and emailed the company, they kindly refunded half of my order. All in all I got a $45 hoodie for $15. WIN

Society6 is located in California but their products ship from various places in the USA, the shipping.

Earnings: As artist, you get a discount on your products if you buy them. There is always some sort of sale going on as well. You get 20% of each purchase! I have quite a few sales from this site. You get paid on the first of the month through a pay-pal account or direct deposit.

Overall: I love Society6 to sell art, I don’t like all of the current glitches that the site itself is going through right now. As of right now, I love their shop layout. I haven’t bought anything in a while from them…….


First Impression: This site is an all in one! You can create your own product if you want or you can set up an artist shop. Zazzle is great for invites and custom items because you can customize the product you want with text and images, This site has literally every type of customizable product that you could want! This uploader is by far the most complex. You either upload your design to every product you want one by one or use the batch create feature. (This feature is a nightmare, I would recommend staying away from it.) I like uploading my designs to each product, one by one. It’s very time-consuming but in the end, it’s worth it! You will have a product that customers will actually want to buy. You can upload customer images, add a bio, add your logo and even comment on other products.

Here is my Zazzle storefront:


This is my first order from Zazzle, I got new business cards. The shipping was fast. On your first order, you get to use Zazzle Black ( a 30-day promo to give buyers free shipping). Once your order arrives you get a discount code in the package as well as in your confirmation email.

Earnings: As artist, you get a discount on your products if you buy them. There is always some sort of sale going on as well. You get 20% of each purchase! I have quite a little sales from this site. I have made anywhere from 0.10 – $1.50 from the few products I have sold. You have to wait awhile to get a payment from this site. You have to wait till your earnings are at $50 before you can send it to your pay pal account. I do like how you can customize what you want to buy.

Overall I would recommend it. Honestly, I made $25 off Zazzle last three years. I love their wide variety of products and that you can make them your own by adding your own photos/text but the upload process is a pain!


First Impression: I love how easy the upload process is. Once again you can pick the color apparel you want! After each upload is done, that product is on sale for the first 24 hours. You can get a $14 tee for the first 24 hours its up! They also have monthly sales, 30% off everything! This shop is mainly for pop culture and fan art. You have to be careful with trademarks and copyright!!! Join their Facebook group for more help. Storefront:


Purchase Product (Affiliate Link): Tshirt

The quality is amazing and if you wait till their sale, you can get a tee for just $14! Their shipping is a bit pricey, it’s worth it though. I love these tees! There is no tag either. The shipping is fast.

More Teepublic Merch.

Teepublic ships its products from various places in the U.S. like Florida, Nevada, and Iowa for apparel. Notebooks and phone cases ship from Georgia. Tote bags and other home goods ship from North Carolina.

Earnings: As an artist, you get more money for a purchase, depending on what the item was. You get $4 from a tee when there isn’t a sale.

And if you get another artist to join the site you also get paid for every sale that artist makes….. here is my http://tee.pub/lic/zZI0j2HwaKA You get paid on the 15th of every month.

I love how easy Teepublic is to use. The community feels is there as well, at least through their Facebook group.

Design By Humans

First Impressions: I first tried DBH a few years ago and thought I would give them a second chance. They have added a lot of new products! I also love how they have a charity section where you can design merch for select charities and DBH donates 25 percent to the charity the design is for. There is also a fan art section where you can do fan art for select TV shows and movies. I love that you can choose from a wide variety of colors. My favorites are the teal blue and the hot pink junior tees. Here is my Storefront:


Purchase this tee (Affliate Link): Tshirt

I just opened this shop, so I had to test the quality. The design was made to look retro and the heather gray tee added to it!! It looks amazing and the quality is also amazing.

All their products are printed in California.


You get paid on the first of the month with 20 percent of each product that was sold.

More to come on this store when I more familiar with it, so far I like it.


First Impressions:

This POD only sells tech products like Iphone cases, Android Cases, laptop skins. But there is a huge plus, you have the option to add a screen protector, Apple Airpods or a phone ring holder on to your purchase of the phone case. The upload process is so easy and you only have to upload to one type of phone to have all the options enabled.


I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t test the quality of this product. I have always been an Android fan.

Payment: Needs More research…

Thank you for reading!

– purelifephotoss(Abby)

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