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Print on Demand Explained

Most independent artists use a P.O.D site or Print on Demand sites like Redbubble or Society6. However, I have had a few questions from some of my followers about what exactly is a P.O.D shop. Here are a few examples….

There are always new sites popping up in google.

The basics…. Print on demand sites handles everything from production, shipping, finances, and even returns! Now let’s break it into an easier way to understand.

These sites provide many conveniences for the artist. These sites allow an independent artist like myself to continue to design work and make money. An artist either pays a one dollar fee to sign up for the site but much of the time the sign up is free. These sites allow users to upload their designs to a variety of products ( t-shirts tote bags, phone cases, laptop skins, leggings, journals, wall clocks, stickers, keychains and more).

Once a sale is made the companies handle the production of the product and handle all of the money and finances, so there is that perk. The companies also make the product and ship them directly to the customer. If the customer isn’t happy with their purchase, don’t worry the P.O.D. companies handle the returns as well! Though the companies handle the money, the companies get much of that money, leaving the artists with 15%, at best 20% of the commission. At specific days of each month, the artist will get paid their commission rates. So depending on how much product you sell, it could be profitable.

These sales that are made and are paid to the artist is called passive income. Passive income sales are sales that are continuously being made!

However, it is difficult to get noticed. Keep at it, be persistent. An artist won’t get noticed with two or three designs. Artists will need a good portfolio!

What you need to know to succeed with P.O.D. sites…..Promote on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), Follow other artists, comment on others work, participate in the community. Much of these sites are communities for artists so don’t be afraid to be apart of it.

Once a sale is made more are soon to follow. These sites were made to help artists!

Also, read my blog posts, Be Successful with Print on Demand Sites, where I walk through step by step on how the POD process works and #shareyourstory to see some tips that I have received in the past.

Hope this helps!


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