Press Play…..

13 Reasons Why first hit Netflix in 2017, a series of 13 episodes for 13 tapes. Each person who played a role in Hannah Baker’s death had one, including the school counselor. The sires show that teen suicide is a REAL possibility and depicts the actions very clear. The last episode when Hannah end up taking her own life.
Season 2 is now here and ready to be binged watched……
I found some inspiration from season one (I probably shouldn’t have but I can’t help it when I get an idea) It started with every episode opening with a cassette tape.
I created my own cassette tape and used some Photoshop brushes for the doodles.
You can’t rewind the past. You can’t stop the future. The only way to learn the secret is to press play. – Jay Asher
Maybe Season 2 will give me some new inspiration……

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