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A look back on 2017!

First off I will show some of my favorite digital works and photo’s of 2017 and show you some of the most popular design from my shops!
Favorite Designs
From left to right: Livin in the Stars, Wander, Freedom, Adopt. Don’t. Shop. Typography, Boho Mandala Flower Splatter, Magical Howl, Follow Your Dreams Typography Mandala, The King Mandala, Cats Never go out of Style
Find all of these works in my shops.
Favorite Photos
Trending Designs
From left to right: Cool Dream, Sunset Stallion, Love is a Four Letter Word – Rose Gold & Marble, Wolf Dream, Owls Dream, Love is a Four Letter Word – Gold & Granite, Adopt. Don’t. Shop. Typography, Black Lab Silhouette
Next, I would like to thank anyone that has bought anything from my shops. Your purchase is appreciated! My sales and followers really picked up this year. It’s hard to believe that I started out 2017 with 8 sales on Redbubble and 5 on Society6. Now I will be making my first $100 from both sites!
My top moments….
  • * Getting a photo featured on CNY Central with Meteorologist Mike Brookens
  •  Get an artwork liked by Linkin Park on Twitter
  • Getting a few photos liked and shared by National Geographic and Life in The Finger Lakes on Facebook
  •  Getting a few photos liked and shared by National Geographic and Life in The Finger Lakes on Facebook
  • Having my first Art show
  • Having my first photo on the front page of a website
I still think Linkin Park likening my tweet tops everything……
2017 Print on Demand Earnings
  • Redbubble – $61.52
  • Socety6- $54.90
  • Zazzle – $0

Total – $116.42

My goals as an artist for 2018….
  1. Finally, get featured by Redbubble
  2. Get featured in a Society6 collection, Friday Fave or Top 6
  3. Keep those sales coming
  4. Increase popularity for my Zazzle shop
  5. Make more great art….already working on it!
  6. Get a photo published in a magazine…. I have already had a few shout outs on Facebook (Life in the Finger Lakes, National Geographic)
  • Grow my following for my social media (Twitter: 914, Instagram: 1,121, Pinterest: 384)
I feel that I have gotten better at marketing so, lets hope for a great 2018!
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