I took both a digital photography class and a film photography class. I prefer digital, I mean that’s, just the generation I’m from.
In my digital photography class, it was the first time that I got to use a DSLR camera, now I have my own. We had to take photos of a variety of subjects. For one project, we had to photograph fruit….( first and last time I ask for fruit). Then last year I got my own Canon DSLR for Christmas.

Some photos I took during the class

Towards the end, we got to use photoshop and our own photos to make fun projects.
Film photography was a different story. I had borrowed a 35mm Nikon SLR from a friend for the six weeks. The camera wasn’t that difficult to use, but the process was really long! I seem like I only had a handful of photos turn out.
Examples of my Film Photos
At first, I thought film photography was going to be fun, I’m used to not having to wait two hours for a photo….least that’s what the development process and printing process seemed to take. It is nice to know about the history of photography.
In the end I took the same photos of my cat, Thumper to with the Nikon SLR and the Cannon DSLR, just for fun.
Fun Fact: It’s hard to believe that the first camera took eight hours to process the image only to fade away in a few minutes! This process was called heliography.
This is a fun photo collage I create of the same image with various cameras throughout history. I used my mom’s old Polaroid, my very first cell phone camera, my iPod touch camera and my Canon DSLR. Look at how much the quality improved!
Digital Photography continues to be one of my favorite ways to work!
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