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My Favorite Photographers

A continuation from my last blog, Artists Worth Sharing……
What better way to celebrate World Photography Day than to share some of my favorite photographers. These photographers capture breathtaking photos. They capture a lot of the same subjects that I do; Gods gift. Nature.
1. Trumaebelle: Autumn Sasla’s uses only a macro camera lens that goes on her iPhone; the amount of detail that she is able to capture is amazing. Autumn’s photos consist of many floral closeups that feature bokeh and seeds.

2. em_photography22: Emily F uses various Nikon DSLR cameras to capture nature.

3. Enchanted.forest: Marti Gutfreund uses a Sony Alpha to capture her travels around the world. She does this with her cat Sukii who goes on adventures with her! That’s so cool.

This list is much shorter but I will let the photos do the talking here.
I use a Canon Rebel T6i, see my photos here. And find more stunning photos by following Canon.
Thank you for reading!
– Abby (purelifephotoss)

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