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I have also used acrylics!
The majority of the class seemed to be split up into four big projects and a weekly sketchbook.

System Painting

This was panting was done on a large unstretched canvas. It took a while! Here are some photos of the process.

For this piece, we had to create our own set of rules.
This piece is called Dream Big.

Final Landscape

This was done a 30 by 40 stretched canvas. This painting was done in a hour and a half time limit.
I have had many compliments on this painting, my aunt compared it to a Monet. This piece is called Soft Nature. Find it on my Redbubble and Society6!

Earth Day Project

The purpose of this painting was to recycle something, I chose to melt crayon wax. I recycled some of my old crayons from grade school, that I still had. This painting started with melting crayon wax on black canvas paper. As I kept adding to it with metallic paint and flowers, the center of the original is a leaf.

This piece is called Eye of the Flower.


Each week we would have a sketchbook assignment. Here are some of my favorites! Each sketchbook had a different theme or set of rules.

Find Splatter Safari and Vineyard on my Redbubble and Society6!

Paintings for Fun

Galaxy Pour was a painting done by pouring and splattering paint on a heavy piece of canvas paper. The black splatters are actually India ink. Little Red Lilly was a quick painting that was done when my painting class went to paint with a local Adult Care Facility.

Find Galaxy pour on my Redbubble and Society6!
Painting pours are really messy! Cover your table surface with lots of old paper to avoid a big mess.

First Commission Painting

My cousin was opening up her own salon in 2017 and wanted me to a piece of artwork using the colors in the salon. Now it is on display at her salon, Dezign Salon! This painting was done on a square canvas using primely various shades of blues and purples with some silver and gold. This painting took a full day to complete and another to dry.

This piece is called Voyage.
Let me know if you would like to see any more of my painting in my shops!
Thank you for reading!
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