Painting with my Cat

Best Friends Animal Society did a series of paintings with a pig, a cat and a dog. See the video and article here.
The first painting is done by a dog named Bamboozie and the second painting is done by a cat named Benny.
Art is therapeutic to every species, it doesn’t matter if you have paws or hands.
My pets always want to help me with my art when I don’t want their help. When I tried this with one of my cats, She wanted nothing to do with it.
I put the paint on the paper then covered it with a plastic bag so she didn’t get paint on her. I used a variety of methods to bribe her to paint. She mostly rolled around on the bag.
Here are a few photos and videos of the process…….

This is what the final painting came out to look like……
Not everyone can be a great artist. I guess if, the more you look at it the better it looks.
**Note: if you don’t cover your surface than you will have a mess to clean up.
– Purelifephotoss(Abby)

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