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My Tshirt Collection

I have bought quite a few t shirt from my different Print on Demand Shops.


I have quite a few tees from Redbubble. Their quality is amazing. I have had the Blackbird Doodles tee for a year and washed it a lot, it hasn’t faded at all. 

Buy these tees: Blackbird Doodles, Minimal Wildflower, Protect the Pride, Warr;or by Von Kowen


This was the very first tee I bought 3 years ago, the colors aren’t as vibrant as they used to be but the colors haven’t pealed. The quality is great!

Buy this tee: Wander


I have a few tees from Teepublic as well. Their quality is amazing and every month there is a weekly sale to get a $13 t shirt! How do you say no? P.S. They have no tags! Another plus.

Buy these tees: Heart N Dagger, Diamond Eyes Wolf

Design by Humans

I just opened this shop, so I had to test the quality. The design was made to look retro and the heather gray tee added to it!! It looks amazing and the quality is also amazing.

Buy this tee: Wild and Free

Then I have this tee from my Threadless shop that I recently closed down.

You can still find this Pawsitive Vibes tee in any of my other shops. Honestly this doesn’t have the quality that the others did. The design did turn out good though…

Yes all of these tees are amazingly priced at under $25!!!! You help an artist too. Yes I got these to help promote my art… I love it when I get to tell people I designed my t shirt. It’s a great feeling to know that people like my work!

Thank you for reading!


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