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My Pinterest Addiction

I have had a pinterest account for a while but never really took the time to learn how to build my brand with the social media.

!!!WARNING!!! Pinterest can be addictive.

This is what my account looked like before I made changes and started to put effort into it.

A few weeks ago I gave my Pinterest account an over haul.

  • Adding boards
  • Deleting boards/pins
  • Adding descriptions and hashtags
  • Organizing boards

Start by verifying your website and enabling rich pins!

I will admit Pinterest is an addiction, I was pinning 100+ times a day… but pinning too much is bad. Pinterest could mark your account as a spam account. You don’t want this if you are trying to grow your brand.

There are no set number of pins you need to pin per a day! Keeping to the 20\80 rule. Pin 20% of your own content and re pin 80% of others content.

I pin about 30 – 50 times throughout the day. Pinterest likes constienty. Don’t add a bunch of pins once a week then leave. Even pinning 5 times a day, every day will work.

This is what my account currently looks like!

I started by rewriting my main bio and reorganizing my boards. My boards are quite random. I have boards for….

  • Artist Inspiration & Ideas
  • Artist Website Tips
  • My Blog (One for POD products and one for Artist Tips)
  • Dog Lovers/Cat Lovers
  • Instagram Marketing & Pinterest Marketing, Social media tips
  • POD products collections (band merch, Positive Vibes & Mental Health, Pet Lovers, Art for Animals)
  • and more…….

Keep 85% of your boards related to your specific niche. Most of mine will be POD and Art related. The other 15% include hobbies and other various interests, such as Bird watching and Photography.

I am also a part of lots of group boards too. Group boards will help increase your pins engagement if they are the right boards.

Pinterest lets users feature their favorite boards on the top of their page! Mine include

  • My Art Blogs
  • Products from my Blog,
  • Art that Supports (Mental Health and my Art for Animals collection)
  • Favorite Artists
  • Group board for Artist Share

The pins featured in the header of my page are from my Art that Supports Board. This board features blog posts and products from my print on demand shops from my featured collections

  • Aegis (Art that supports wildlife)
  • Adopt. Don’t. Shop (Art that supports shelter pets)
  • Helps promote positive thinking and end the stigma around mental health

After the basic overhaul…. I was given these tips.

Create Pinterest friendly images. Create images using Canva with the 600 x 900px recommend size. Keep your images taller….. I still need some work with this. Use unique images! I often use my own artwork related to the blog post.

Add good descriptions and hashtags. Add a little about what you will find in the article of you pin. Every pin will lead to a blog post, or a product of some sort. YES! You should now be using hashtags on Pinterest as well. I have added them to both my boards and my individual pins. I use 4 -5 hashtags but you can use as many as you like. The character limit for a pinterest description is 500 characters.

I use 4 – 5 hashtags on my boards and only use hashtags on my pins from my “Recently sold from my POD” board and my boards with my blog posts. You can use them for every pin or don’t, but they help!

Add a sense of curiosity with your pin image and your pin description. Don’t add too much information so people won’t click on your pin. Your pin will more get re pinned more and clicked on.

Pin to relevant boards. This where I had to re organize my boards. I had 4 boards for my Print on Demand shops, I split those boards up into general categories.

  • Apperal and Accessories in my POD
  • Tech in my POD
  • Home Decor and Bedding in my POD
  • Wall Art in my POD
  • Kitchen Decor and Outdoor Decor in my POD

With these categories I can now pin the same pin to multiple boards.

SEO is important! Pinterest is a visual search engine. Add keywords to your pins descriptions, you pinterest bio as well as your boards.

Delete boards and pins that are irrelevant!!! Doing this will help increase your engagement.

Don’t delete alot of pins or boards at once.

Don’t use secret boards! They don’t help your stats at all. Pinterest can’t see them if they are private.

Always links to your pins! That aren’t from Google Images.

I use a plug – in on my Chrome browser for Pinterest, so I can save images/articles from the web. This is how I save products from my Redbubble shop.

The take away is to learn how to use pinterest if you are a small business or a blog owner!!! Pinterest will greatly benefit your blog and might help you make a sale or two.

You don’t NEED followers to start on Pinterest, just learn how to use it correctly and create pins people want to look at. SEO is important too!

Pinterest isn’t a social media! Comments and likes don’t matter.

For more tips, check out my Pinterest board for Pinterest Marketing

Thank you for reading!

– Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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