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My Artist Testimony

Wait! I thought this was an art blog…. Don’t worry I just wanted to share some of my more important Instagram posts with you.

If you are curious about how Purelifephotoss, start with My Artist Journey.Creativity can’t be studied or copied, it’s a gift.

I always felt that I had found my calling as an artist. When people tell me that they love my art it just tells me that I made the right choice…… Yes, you can study art and go to college for it but all you really need to succeed is patience, passion, and courage. Be patient, art takes time. Be passionate, art needs emotions. It’s a part of your personality! Have courage. Creativity takes courage. There will be haters, people will bring you down. Sometimes that person is you. Ignore it and start creating

Do I 100% absolutely need these things?

Do you need a niche?

First off a “niche” is what will help your artwork stand out and make people recognize you as an artist.

Should you have one? Short answer, yes. It is easier to get noticed. Long answer, no you don’t need a specific niche… it’s okay to go with the flow and just create art! After all, art has no rules…

Do I have one? Not really, all of my work is created digitally, see more about that in this blog post.

Do you need a schedule?

Creativity and ideas don’t have one, they show up when they want. Be ready to write them down.

Do I have a schedule? Again, not really. I write blog posts about once a week and upload new art in my shops after I create new work and have it ready. The only thing that is actually somewhat constant is when I post on social media.

The one thing you do need is a way to keep track of your ideas. Write them on the notepad on your phone. Send them to yourself via email. Even write them on scrap paper and keep it.

Do you need to go to art school?

No, you can be a self-taught artist. I say I’m a self-taught artist because I created my shops, art, and website without art school. I was going to college for graphic design at the time, while this was my own personal project. Art school can be beneficial with teaching new techniques and it depends on what you want out of your art career.

Thank you for reading.


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