My Artist Style

Do I have one specific style of art? No, all I hear is that if you want to find success with art you need to narrow down your niche. My artwork is different every day and my inspiration is quite random. 
I am a self titled creative artist with no niche.
I find inspiration in everything from
  • Catchy songs (sometimes its only part of the song or sometimes the song as a whole)
  • Shopping – I’m not a fan of shopping but I go look around to see some of the latest trends
  • Trending stories/hashtags
  • TVs/Movies

I usually get an idea and just run with it. I usually spend a little time on my creations only to come back and add to the image. It seems like my mind and imagination never go to sleep so, I always have some kind of idea.

I also have many typography designs as well as abstract patterns. Many times I will create a background that will become part of the design itself.


My artwork is…colorful and unique to me and my personality.

Many of my designs will say something about me. I believe that every art piece tells something about the artist.
My artwork is 90% digital and 10% photography.

Types of Artwork that I had done include: Photography, Digital Art, Printmaking, and Painting.  

My paintings and digital abstract works are usually inspired by the thoughts/emotions that I was feeling that day. My photos are subjects that most people tend to ignore or walk past. While my digital art is random but usually always has some source of inspiration.  

Experimenting with various types of media and ways of art is a great way to find “who you are as an artist” I have had many people see my work, and they will be able to recognize that piece of art of mine.   Also, see the blog post about finding your niche.

I have many blog posts about where I find my inspiration.

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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