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Everyone has some backstory of how they discovered themselves…. I haven’t completely figured myself out yet, I did know I wanted to be a creative. I had everyone telling me “Art is unnecessary”, “Art isn’t a job”, Do something productive”.

This is my story. The story of why I picked art, or why the art business picked me…… Well, I always enjoyed art, I was always more of a writer. I didn’t really find my love of art until tenth grade. It all stated it high school when it was time to pick out electives, I picked two, Photoshop and Illustrator. I fell in love with digital art. My earlier projects weren’t great. Here is one of them.  

After falling in love with the digital art world and Photoshop, I took another class the following year. Rather than doing the client work and projects that I was given, I preferred to do my own thing, yes I would get the projects done. (those were for a grade and part of the class)   This was one of my favorite projects of the class. The project was to pick a song and make an illustration from the song. I originally picked This is Who I Am by: Colton Dixon. After doing the sketches, roughs and exercises for the song, I asked the teacher if I could use one of my poems. He said I could. You could say this is where I started doing my own thing. I still did the sketches, roughs and comps……

  After doing the projects, we would often get time to our own projects. One of my favorites, the start of my Blackbird series.  

The teacher told me one day that I can’t just use Photoshop for a career….. Side note, I do know how to use the other programs for graphic design and have designed work for clients….   When college came around, it was like taking a step back, I had to go back to using pencil and paper. The whole reason why I fell in the love with digital art in the first place is that it actually looks like something. I can’t draw….. most of my paintings and drawings had a childlike feel …..

One of my sketchbooks, later turned into a digital work.

I took the required classes for the first year. All media has their own blog post, here.   Then took another Photoshop class. Well It was primarily Photography with hints of Photoshop. Learn more about my first time using a DSLR and a film camera here.  

I kept working with photoshop and photography, figuring out that I would like to be known for both my photography and my digital artwork. Check out my porfolio to see all of my designs!

Around half-way through my second year of college, I created my brand Purelifephotoss. I came up with a brand name and a logo. At first, I was worried about putting my work out there to the public, I started with an Instagram account. Seeing all the likes and comments on my artwork gave me confidence.

The next step was building my website.    

I started doing research on how I could make money with my photos and digital art, I came across this Print on Demand site called Redbubble. After creating more work, I started uploading it to the site. After the first month of nothing. I had about 20 – 25 works uploaded and I got an email from them saying I had made a sale! My first sale was a postcard of Owl Splash.    

I made .52 cents but it was a start. Once I got the hang of it I stated branching out to other sites like, Society6, Zazzle and Teepublic.

This will be my third full year working with Print on Demand companies, So back to the story, I created my site to prove to my self and others that I can have a career with Photoshop. With the help of these companies you can find my art on apparel, cell phone cases, stickers, key chains and more!  

Three years later, I finally have a website I am proud of, a growing following and continue to create!

Thank you for reading!



Abby Juli is a self titled creative rebel and creator of the brand Purelifephotoss. Abby is an advocate for animals and mental health awareness. Find her digital artwork and photography in multiple print on demand shops on a variety of products.


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