Music Inspired Art Prints

You know those moments where a catchy beat or your favorite song gets stuck in your head…..those moments might make me sound weird. As you guessed it the music I like is random too. It usually goes from old school 70’s Pop like Tom Petty, to Classic Rock such as Bon Jovi, to 90’s grunge like Shinedown & Papa Roach to some….even through in a few throwback pop songs….
Those catchy songs might just be my next source of inspiration
Blackbird – The Beatles
Wildflower – Tom Petty
Bon Jovi
Diamond Eyes – Shinedown
Rescue Me – Thirty Seconds to Mars
I am Human – Escape the Fate
Warrior by: Demi Lovato
These are just a few, as I keep discovering new songs and continue to get lyrics stuck in my head, I’m sure there will be more. I have even had some of my fan art liked by the bands themselves….read this post to see what works.

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