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Modern Email Marketing – Useing ManyChat

Every blogger says you need some sort of email marketing system.

I subscribe to so many email lists from my favorite brands and websites, that my inbox gets too full of about 2000 plus emails. Honestly I end up deleting them, without looking at a good chunk of them.

It’s the 21st century, Email marketing just feels so old school.

Ever heard of Chatbots? These bots are a 21st century of email marketing!

I just signed up with one called Manychat.

ManyChat is social media marketing tool that covers everything from helping you acquire new followers to sharing content automatically with them and even chatting with them when they have questions.

Quick facts about Messenger bots.

  • Facebook’s messages have an 80% – 90% open rate compared to emails getting a 27% open rate
  • People are more likely to shop with your business if they can direct message you
  • Using chat bots are convent, your customer doesn’t have to dig through your page for your email or some other way to contact you, they can just send you a message.
  • Chatbots are interactive! they can send animated GIFs, pictures rather than boring emails.

Click this URL to subscribe to my chatbot.

When you first subscribe, you will get a welcome message with a link to my website.

What you will also get.

  • Latest blog posts
  • sales in my print on demand shops (I won’t promote every sale each shop has, so I avoid the “buy my products” pitch)
  • Any important updates with my website

This way if social media some day decided to go extinct, then I will have this as a backup. I don’t think social media is going anywhere, it’s the future of business.

Thank you for reading and check out the new chat bot!

I promise I won’t spam your Facebook messenger.

To learn more about chat bots, check out this link.

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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