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Mental Health Awareness Collection

I finally have a dedicated collection for mental health awareness.

Featuring works I have created to bring awareness to mental health. I believe everyone struggles with mental health in someway. Whether its anxiety of trying something new or dealing with it on a daily basis. I also believe everyone has “inner demons”.

Some new works I created for this collection.

This series is focuses on the message rather than the artwork itself.

There are lots of ways to achieve self care, one of the best ways is reminder to do so. We often forget this because we are too busy living life or taking care of others. We NEED to learn to put ourselves first.

Ways to love yourself

  • Ignore those “inner demons” your inner thoughts
  • Go outside, take a walk, enjoy nature
  • Be by yourself – enjoy being alone
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Remove the negativity from your life

These are just a few ideas, you can also check out my pinterest board full of self care tips. I know these tips are easier said than done. Trust me.

Thank you for reading! Remember to love yourself!


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