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Love All Kinds Artwork

In a world where hate is never-ending, I created this artwork as a reminder that we all live on the planet Earth.

Yes, we do have many differences, but we can help the planet…

We can also be kind to everyone! It shouldn’t matter if they have two legs or four. It shouldn’t matter what their gender is. It shouldn’t matter what their skin color is…..

Love all kinds including me!

I drew a heart and colored it like the Earth and used it as the “o” in the word love.

I used a wolf paw print to represent the animals that also call the Earth home. Did you know that 41,415 species are currently endangered! What about the 1.5 million shelter pets that get killed each year in kill shelters? I have talked a lot about this topic of helping animals such as shelter pets and wildlife, even creating collections like for this. So why can’t we treat four-legged creatures with kindness and compassion as well…

I used the gender equality symbol with a gradient of pink and blue to represent the fact that we all are humans!! Why can’t we be kind to one another? Why is that so hard?

I added the phrase “including me” at the end. This could be interpreted in two ways.

  • Including the Earth, be kind to the plant you call home
  • Including myself, be kind to yourself

In a world filled with hate, we need more compassion! The sad truth is that it will never happen…. there will always be some sort of hate.

Remember to be kind to everyone… nature, animals, the planet, people, and yourself!

Thank you for reading!

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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