Love a Black Cat

We have all heard the expression, “if a black cat crosses your path its bad luck” …. the black cat has a gotten a bad reputation because of this crazy superstition.
Here is some history of the superstition: It didn’t start until the Middle Ages when it was believed that witches would practice black magic. The ladies that would care for them and showed them compassion, would be accursed of being a witch for taking care of it! Black cats became a symbol for evil, witchcraft and the devil.
Did you know black cats are the least likely to get adopted from an animal shelter?? Of course there are many reasons for this, right? Maybe they blend into the dark shadows? Maybe they don’t look that pretty? Is it because of the ridiculous superstition? Is because they were believed to be “witches cats”? Is it because their coat is too plain?
Honestly I’m not sure, I love cats.
I did these designs for black cats, inspired by my black cat Bugs. You can see her picture on my Instagram almost every #caturday. “Everyone needs a little black cat”!

A minimal doodle of a cat face with the words “Love Black Cats” with a pink heat.
However, this is some good news for the black cat, some countries believe the cat to be good luck! It just depends on how you look at it……
Here are some reasons to adopt a black cat….
  1. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted
  2. Black cats look sleek and sophisticated
  3. Black cats will match any decor
  4. Black cats are like onyx, a beautiful gem
  5. Love knows no color
  6. Adopting a black cat may be lucky for you … and it’s definitely lucky for them!
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