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Lone Photographer

My mom has always told me I was more of a watcher that would sit among the crowd. I was never a social butterfly. I kept to myself.

Usually me and my cat. My iPod. Now it’s my camera.

On my walks, I take my camera and look for the small things that people ignore. The ones that people walk past. Like flowers. Like little details, that only a person with an eye for art would look for.

While visiting my Uncle, I noticed this rusted out. It looked like a smiley face to me. I laughed and took a picture. I smiled and told my Uncle that his truck had a smiley face on it. He didn’t see it until I pointed it out.

This is one of my favorite flower pictures that I have taken. I often get asked how I saw that. I see the little things. This was taken during the last weeks of Autumn, when the first snow fall happened. There was a little spot of pink surrounded by white snow. The rose was wilted and the leaves were no longer green but a crusty brown.

Goldfinches are so easy to spot due to their bright yellow color. This little bird was hidden in branches and leaves in a forest in a friend’s backyard. The pretty bird kinda stuck out like since the browns and greens blended together.

Here are some more macro photos of the little details I have found on my journey.

It’s also a nice way to clear my head. Sometimes it’s just me and my camera while others I bring my dog.

See more pictures on my insta!


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