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What is a photo exactly? (Photography) an image of an object, person, scene, etc, in the form of a print or slide recorded by a camera on photosensitive material. Often shortened to photo.
A photo to me is a creation that is done digitally on a computer or with a camera.
My artwork may be digital but I still consider them photos. They’re not all done with pure photography. Most of my artwork includes a photograph that I have taken. I enjoy extreme photo edits while some photos I take speak for themselves and don’t require edits.
I spent a long time thinking of a good logo for my artwork. I believe it fits. Yes, I updated it to include my name. Purelifephotoss by Abby Juli is now my logo. Shortened it is Purelifephotoss.
My tag line is Unique Artwork. Unique Name. Purelifephotoss with two s’s.
Of course, every artist has their own unique style that sets them apart from other artists. I believe my name will do that for me. As long as the two s’s are remembered!
I love how I can express myself with art. I have the ability to create amazing pieces when I have no words to speak. With art, I don’t need words just inspiration. My artwork is my creative outlet. Art is my safe place, where I can create and not be judged.
My logo/watermark is unique to me. After lots of research to see what taken and what wasn’t. I settled on Purelifephotoss. Purelifephotoss is my creation and was available. I wanted a logo that had something to do with nature. That’s why I added the butterfly. DONT forget we are Purelifephotoss with two s’s.
Thank you for reading!

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