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What is a photo exactly? (Photography) an image of an object, person, scene, etc, in the form of a print or slide recorded by a camera on photosensitive material. Often shortened to photo.
A photo to me is a creation that is done digitally on a computer or with a camera.
My artwork may be digital but I still consider them photos. They’re not all done with pure photography. Most of my artwork includes a photograph that I have taken. I enjoy extreme photo edits while some photos I take speak for themselves and don’t require edits.
I spent a long time thinking of a good logo for my artwork. I believe it fits. Yes, I updated it to include my name. Purelifephotoss by Abby Juli is now my logo. Shortened it is Purelifephotoss.
My art style is unique, I don’t have specific niche. I find inspiration everywhere.
Of course, every artist has their own unique style that sets them apart from other artists. I believe my name will do that for me. As long as the two s’s are remembered!
I love how I can express myself with art. I have the ability to create amazing pieces when I have no words to speak. With art, I don’t need words just inspiration. My artwork is my creative outlet. Art is my safe place, where I can create and not be judged.
My logo/watermark is unique to me. After lots of research to see what taken and what wasn’t. I settled on Purelifephotoss. Purelifephotoss is my creation and was available. I wanted a logo that had something to do with nature. That’s why I added the butterfly. DONDON’TT forget we are Purelifephotoss with two s’s.

*** UPDATE 2019 ***

I have decided to update my logo.
This one represents my art more and what I stand for with mental health awareness and animal activism. I changed the font so it was easier to read and matched my site a little better, as well as spacing out some letters and capitalizing the first letters of every word.

The double a part of the whole “creatvie rebel” title, some people are curious and while some are confused. It is part of my brand.

I am showing my unique take on the world with my art!

Deeper meaning to my new logo:

  • For all the times I thought about giving up on art but kept going to prove a point to my family.
  • The double paw features a wolf paw and a pet paw show my art for animals collection.
  • The semi – colon in the heart show my collection with mental health awareness and positive vibes.
  • The paws in the heart show my love for all animals.
  • Art is my therapy. I create to get my feelings out. It’s easier to express myself through creativity.

I also kept the color scheme of turquoise and black; with the turquoise heart and pet paw print while the wolf paw and semi-colon remained black. The symbol will be my new favicon and watermark.

Thank you for reading!
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