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Life in the Finger Lakes Feature

One day in November of 2017, my dad showed me a page in the magazine he was reading. “I wonder what people get to have their pictures published in a magazine.” The magazine was called Life on the Finger Lakes. It’s a small magazine out of Geniva NY, but it’s a start. I looked into it, but realized I had missed the cut off date for submissions.
I found their Facebook page and started submitting pictures their to start. It turns out they liked my pictured enough to share them on their own Facebook page. I have had a few features on their page.

After having Life in the Finger Lakes share my pictures on their Facebook page. I shared some with the website. Their on the website, I will have to wait til the next issue to see if they get published.
Thank you for reading!
– purelifephotoss(Abby)
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