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Life As an Artist and a Pet Mom

If you have been following my journey since the start you should know my furry friends play a big part in my art career.

I have shared their photos soo much on my Instagram feed that they have become my mascots.

They love being with me, even when I don’t want some space….

Here is their story. Both my cat, Bugs and my dog, Max were rescues. They are part of the reason why I am a huge advocate for pet adoption and helping the shelter pets.

My family got Bugs a few years ago from one of my Mom’s coworkers. When we got her she was originally supposed to be my mom’s cat. She took to me, and she won’t leave my side.

Bugs loves helping me promote my products! She thinks this blanket from Redbubble is so cozy!

Purchase this blanket: Galaxy Critters Medium Throw Blanket

Bugs checking out my Teepublic tee. She loves that her mom is an advocate for shelter pets!

Purchase this tee: Adopt Don’t Shop Typography Tshirt

She even has her own #ArtvsArtist post…. she loves helping me work as well. She is famous for closing my laptop or walking over the keyboard when I’m trying to work.

Max is my dog. He is so spoiled, the way it should be. He was a true rescue. When we adopted him, he had a broken leg. So we got his leg fixed, well as good as it will get. He has a bit of a limp but you would never know because he loves to play!

I’m, not just an artist, I am a dog mom! This was one of the first times I called myself an artist on social media.

My dog loves walks no matter the weather, and he knows how to help me when inspiration lacking. I don’t know how many times I have come up with new ideas when walking the dog. Maybe it’s the fresh air to help clear my mind or maybe it’s the fact that he loves long walks. Some of our walks last an hour! Just wandering….

Max loves helping me promote my products too!

I don’t have my Threadless shop anymore but you can find this Pawsitive Vibes in any of my shops.

Hey Look Ma, We match!

I bought Max a collar from my Zazzle Shop to match the hoodie from my Society6 shop.

Purchase Dog Collar: Love is a Four-Letter Word – Gold and Granite Dog Collar
Purchase Hoodie: Love is a Four-Letter Word – Gold and Granite Hoodie

I have created a collection of matching dog collars/bandannas and t-shirts for you and your pooch! Find my Dog/Human Collection here

Pets make everything better! I have many artworks inspired my love of cats and dogs. See those here.

Thank you for reading!
-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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