Lessons in Polaroids

This time I will be showing some of my favorite quotes and life lessons I learned from watching the Freeform series, The Fosters .
“We probably judge ourselves way harsher than anyone judges us” – Ana Gutierrez
This was such a sweet mother daughter moment when Ana comforts Mariana about her current situation.
I know this feeling quite well, because I am an artist. Artists tend to be extremely harsh on themselves and their work.
I am guilty of saying that “my art is no good” , “their art is so much better” or “being an artist will get me no where in life”…… I never used to be able to successfully tell people I’m an artist and be proud of that fact. I have always felt shame when ask me what I’m doing with my life. So much that I would rather tell them that I’m a dog mom.
I have had many people in my life tell me that I’m talented and good at what I do. Being an artist is what I want to do. I have always loved the fact that I could take pictures or put my thoughts on paper when I couldn’t find the right words to express myself.
With This design, I took a few #selfcare lessons and put them together.
You’re not disposable, Your not worthless. – Steph Foster
  • Love Yourself
  • Be Proud of who you are
  • Be Yourself
  • Accept Yourself
  • Take Care of Yourself
“I believe in my family” – Mariana Foster
  • Family comes first
  • You can always count on your family
I’m not lost anymore” – Jude
  • Life will hit you hard
  • Put challenges in your path
  • Enjoy it!
  • There are many roads to get you where you want
  • Pick the right people to enjoy the journey of life with
– purelifephotoss (Abby)

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