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Is Digital Art really art?

As an artist in the 21st century, the art world is changing like the world around us. Think about it….

You are probably used to those famous paintings hanging in an art museum as art. True, those are art.

Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Duchamp….

I tried drawing with traditional medias like oil pastels, and water color paints….. I felt I wasn’t good with these medias. They weren’t for me. Read my story on how I got started with art.

I did create some pieces I was proud of but now they just hang on my walls. I would never think of selling them.

As soon as I started with digital art, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I had teachers laugh at my idea and tell me ” you can’t be a digital artist” “You can’t make money with just Photoshop”

Well I can and I am! Thanks to my print on demand companies!

With digital art on the rise, maybe one day digital art will be accepted.

I have had people tell you can’t make money by “playing on the computer”

Maybe digital art will be its own art movement one day too! Like Realism, Dadaism, Pop Art, Art Deco….

After all the great artists of the past shaped the art world today! We still look to the past for ideas! In fact for one of my artworks I took inspiration from one of Barbra Kruger’s famous works called “Your Body is a Battleground” See that post here.

These popular artists changed the way we think of art. Check out this article.

I will never be able to live up to great artists of the past but I can try.

Thank you for reading