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As you know I am an Instagram Addict. Recently I started an Instagram Challenge, where I scrolled all the way to the beginning of my almost 2000 posts and took a screen shot of the first nine images I ever posted.

Then to screenshot the 9 most recent images I posted.

Now why did I do this?

Its kind of fun to look back sometimes. I started Instagram account three years ago and Instagram has made lots of changes since then… some good and some bad.

When I first stated I wanted to focus on photography and had no clue what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to start sharing my artwork with the public

Now 90% of my work is done digitally on the computer….. and I am sharing more video content, allowing myself to open up to my followers, have a clear vision of what I want for my artwork.

What Did I Find?

I came across a lot of screenshots…. mainly website updates. (Pre Instagram Stories Era)

I found old screenshots of the very first version of my website on, then all the edits I did on…..

I also found awful promo ads, image quotes I took from Pinterest, lots of work from my favorite artists that I re posted…

*** Re posting others artwork is NOT the way to grow your following!

This challenge helped me realize how unorganized mt feed actually was!

I spent the morning organizing and archiving my feed.

My feed now consists of ….

  • Digital Artwork – #mondaymotivation, #wellnesswensday, #wisdomwensday, #TBT, #flashbackfriday, daily hashtag (national ____ day)
  • Tuesday – I will post a photo once a week
  • Thursday – Share new print on demand products when new products are released, Customer photos when I get them
  • Every Sunday I will share the sales I have made that past week

The rest can be found in my Instagram stories. Anything else related to my art business.

I went from around 2000 posts to 900 posts.

Back to the challenge!

Rules: Scroll to the begging of your feed screen shot the first 9 images you ever posted. Then refresh you feed and screenshot your 9 most recent images. See how you IG feed has changed! Finally, challenge 3 others to complete the challenge as well!

People that have completed the challenge…

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So I was challenged by @purelifephotoss to make a throwback IG and show 9 of some of my first posts and my 9 latest.πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒοΈ I think I must add a third option to raise the challenge: a third page with 9 posts that really describe your style! I started with mainly images of my designs to promote my stores but it really moved into something different. When I found out I could post videos I was really excited! 🎬 Now I focus on creating cartoons and animations that tell a story and will make people smile. Well, at least I hope you guys enjoy it! The third page really shows what I am all about: cute & funny art, animation and a pic of me goofing around, why not? πŸ“ΈπŸ˜œ Now I challenge (sorry if you were challenged before, and also no pressure if do not wanna do it, just have to name 3 to be released from my own challenge πŸ˜‡) @belettelepink πŸ’œ @julieerindesigns πŸ’™ @nimel_art πŸ’— Here are the rules: "If I tag you then I challenge you. It's fun especially if your artist and your style has changed. Screen shot the first 9 images of your Instagram feed then screen shot the 9 most recent Instagram posts… see how your Instagram feed has changed, how you have changed, or how your art style has changed. Complete the challenge and then challenge 3 others. Have fun!πŸ˜€" #funny #cartoons #me #challenge #instacute #instaartist #instagramchallenge #journey #doodles #illustration #animation #motiongraphics #art #geek #design #supportartists #artstagram #picture #throwback #flashback #style #artjourney

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Take on the challenge and look back your feed!

Thank you for reading!

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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