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Instagram for Artists: What you Should Know!

As you know I am an Instagram addict. Even writing a few blogs about my favorite social network.

I used to post daily; in hopes of growing a loyal following. I have a few loyal followers, but I am nowhere near where I would like to be. Since Instagram changed their algorithm, a lot has changed including the way I do things.

I have been doing a lot of research on how to organically grow my following and improve my ways.

Bringing me to my first tip:

You don’t need to post every single day!

But wait you were the one that told me I should… True, that was before all the algorithm changes. Instagram does like it when you are active.

  • Post on your Instagram stories.
  • Experiment with IGTV.
  • Simply comment on someone’s post or even share it!

Save the important content for your feed! Content is king! So if you are going to post it to your feed make sure it has a call to action or some sort of message.

Plus posting every day and trying to write a decent caption is a lot of work!

I have been bingeing some Youtubers with AMAZING Instagram advice. Sunny Lenarduzzi and Vanessa Lau are the queen’s of Instagram when it comes to giving great advice that works!

Check out their videos about Instagram Tips below

Here you can see the progress of my Instagram feed. My feed is still random but so is my art. All of my art is created digitally either on the computer or on the camera.

As an artist, you need to build a successful brand around yourself! You need to be real with your followers. Tell your story, not just the story of the artwork. You created it, so there has to be some sort of personal meaning to you.

This may seem scary, I was terrified when I shared my first selfie on Instagram. It gets easier and easier to share with your followers. Honestly, I envy the people that are able to open up and share with their followers.

However, I have seen artists that live their life on Instagram. I don’t recommend this at all. Live your life, be real. Just pick and choose what goes on Instagram.

Why you should comment rather than “like”?

This one is easy. You can either hit the like and move on, or you could take the time to comment or even share the artist’s post.

Yes, artists love getting likes on their work. They don’t know it unless you “like” it.

You could also take the time to post a meaningful comment. This will really make their day. It could also increase the chance of that artist following you.

It pays to be nice! This way of support is free!

Why should you support an independent artist? I have a blog for that too! Check it out here.

Another reason why you just leave a comment, not only is it nice but if you haven’t heard yet. Instagram is taking away the “like” function.

What does this mean? You can still scroll through your feed and automatically hitting the “like” if you want or you can leave a comment or go a step further and share the post. You shouldn’t be concerned with how many you “likes” you get anyway.

You can still see who likes your content, your followers won’t though…..

Instagram shouldn’t be a popularity contest.

This forces you to focus on the content itself or even the message of the content over how many “likes” a post gets!

Don’t be the artist that is obsessed with getting “likes” and who likes your post or who didn’t. Focus on your art and writing a good caption first. If it goes viral then great. If not, it’s not the end of the world.

Plan your posts in advance!

I use the app later after watching both Vanessa’s and Sunny’s YouTube videos. (linked above) This helps me preview my feed and see what posts look best where. I can even write my caption as a draft.

Since I have stopped posting every day, I have more time to plan my captions and write captions that mean something.

  • Tell a story – Art always has a story, so tell the meaning behind it
  • Add a Call to Action – Tell your followers what they should do. Add a link to your latest blog post or shop.
  • Share something about yourself! – As an artist, you are a HUGE part of your work. Your followers would love to get to know the person behind the work.

Some other tips you shouldn’t if you want real followers that enjoy your content.

  • Don’t use Follow 4 Follow or like 4 like method – This may seem like an effective method to get lots of new followers. Following a bunch of accounts in your niche or that you like. Believe me, it doesn’t! You will most likely end up with bot followers. And Instagram could punish your account. Same with liking a bunch of content at once. It doesn’t help.

When I first started I thought this would be the best way to grow my account, I ended up following a bunch of accounts whose content I didn’t even like. A few years later I ended up unfollowing a bunch of accounts. Now I only follow accounts that I like. Even if many of those accounts are cat accounts and bands….. Instagram did end up punishing my account for this. I lost a lot of engagement because they were showing my content to fewer people. It took a while to get that engagement back too!

  • Don’t compare your stats and feed – Just because you see accounts with a huge following; don’t get jealous! Don’t be jealous of their perfectly curated feed. Those accounts had to work their butts off to get their feed to look like that! They had to figure out what works for them.
  • Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you! – Figure out what works for your feed. Keep a list of hashtags in the notepad app on your phone. Work on creating amazing content and captions.

My Instagram Feed is nowhere near perfect and probably never will be! Thanks to Vanessa’s Lau and Sunny Lenaruzzi Instagram tips and hacks both my followers and engagement have increased.

Disclaimer: Always ask to use someone else’s content before you do and give them the credit they deserve!

Thank you for reading!

Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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