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Instagram Addict

It’s no surprise, I’m an Instagram addict. I post once, even sometimes twice a day.

I have a blog post about Artists and Social media in general, here.

This post will be all about my addiction to Instagram. I will give some ideas on what to post and how to get loyal followers.

My Instagram feed is quite random like my art. Recently I cleaned out my feed. From time to time, do this! It helps increase engagement. Now you can find digital art, photography and products from my print on demand shops in my main feed. Use trending hashtags

I tend to go through the daily hashtags on Twitter in the morning or see that its National _____ day If I feel that it applies to my art then, I will create my post around that hashtag. Or I use a combination of that daily hashtag with the weekly hashtag.Share the products that you have bought

Always make sure to tag the company. #redbubble or #society….People love to see real life products rather than online mockups! So if you buy one of your designs or something from someone else’s shop. Share it & tag them.After a that week I share a photo collage of my recent sales

Again tag the site. In this case, all the work was sold off my @society6 shop… I do this to thank the person. Also, creating a photo collage and posting the sales that I sold during that past week, seems less spammy.Share your favorite artists/photographers #followfriday

Make sure to give those artists credit! They will be thrilled that you took the time to give them a shout out. If you plan using their work somewhere else, ask them first. Don’t take their work. Again give them the credit they deserve.Share blog posts/tips/your work in progress

“My instagram is random, but I feel like there is a method to the randomness.”

Instagram Stories

I use Instagram stories to promote 24 hr sales in my shops. The stories last for 24 hrs after you create a new story. Use stories to give a glimpse of your daily life. These can be a little more personal if you would like. Leave your main posts for your artwork. I use mine for works in progress, sales in my print on demand shops and new blog posts, shout outs and anything else important regarding my art.


Highlights are instagram stores that have been saved and remain at the top of you instagram feed.If you add the story post to your bio, then they will remain there. I have nine.

  • About my brand
  • About my Mission
  • About my POD shops when you can find my art


IGTV is something I just stated using, so I still very new to it. You can share both vertical videos and horizontal videos here. The videos can’t be longer than 20 minutes.I use this to share quick process videos of work, tutorial videos, and short ads for my print on demand shops.

Veiw my IGTV channel hereWriting the perfect caption

  • Ask Questions – Get your followers interested! Include them in the conversation. Which is color pallet do you prefer? What should my next work be about? Has this ever happened to you?
  • Explain your work – What media did you use? Does the work have a meaning? What was the inspiration behind the work?
  • Explain your work – What media did you use? Does the work have a meaning? What was the inspiration behind the work?
  • Use CTAs (call to actions) – Give a brief description then encourage your followers to check out your latest blog post/ design in your shop/ website
  • Spellcheck – make sure your post has everything spelled right. I’m glad Instagram has an edit button for their posts, lots of times I will find that I didn’t edit my post before I hit post or I hit post too soon.

Tips for Insta

  • Use hashtags – Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, use as many as you feel fit with your post. I keep a list of hashtags I use for Instagram on the notepad on my photo. Find a balance between the really popular hashtags and hashtags that aren’t used so much. (#artistoninstagram is one I use for every post, but it is really popular. I use my brand name as a hashtag on every post as well. #purelifephotoss, it’s not as popular because my artwork has exploded yet. I use #digitalart and #photography a lot.)
  • Ghost Followers – Beware of these! They follow you to increase your number of followers, but they are bots that never interact with your posts. I would rather have loyal followers that actually like/comment on my photos
  • Be Social – Like and comment on other artists work. They will be more likely to notice you if you like their work. Sometimes if you like their posts enough, they will check out your work. A new fan.
  • Direct Message – If you find an artist that you really admire and want their tips, send them a message. If you find a brand that you really want to collaborate with, send them a message. But first, say something that you admire about the artist/brand.
  • Be Yourself – Your art is an extension of your personality. Focus on creating art you are proud of! The sales/followers/likes/comments will follow.
  • Have a schedule – Pick a time of day to post. I post daily in the morning and sometimes twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. Find what works for you. (track your analytics/stats) Keep to that schedule, if you neglect it, you will notice your followers drop.
  • Be Patient – It took me 2 and a half years to get my first 1,000 followers. Just like art, you need to work at it and improve your skills
  • Don’t forget about your art – Yes you should get out there and show your work but you should also improve your skills.
  • If you lose followers, don’t stress. They were probably bots, or they didn’t like your art enough to keep following.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable posting it on your main feed, use it in a story
  • It is okay to clean your feed up from time to time especially if you have old work that doesnt fit your current style… ARCHIVE YOUR POSTS, DONT DELETE THEM!!! By archiveing your posts you keep the engagement from that post and you can always put it back in your feed if you choose to.

Need more tips? Check out my Pinterest board for Instagram for Business

Thank you for reading.


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