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Howlin For A Cause Commison

I completed my first digital collaboration last week. I had a friend that is also an artist contact me through Twitter asking if I did designs for other artists. I took on the project, opening the doors of collaborations. This is my first commission, I actually got paid for creating a design! This is a great feeling. Previously I did create ads for a pet shelter in Texas and my current ongoing project is taking photos of my little town in order to gain exposure.
Let the process begin. She sent me a photo of what she was looking for and a small list of must haves for the designs. She told me I could put my spin on the design as long as the necessities were there.
I have to say as soon as I got the image and heard the idea, I started getting lots of ideas. If I automatically get an idea, I will skip the extensive research period that I usually do. With this design I did, just that. I saw hound dogs howling at a moon with a breast cancer logo.
She preferred hound dogs and dogs were a MUST in the design since it was “Howln for a Cause”. I found actually found.psd brush of vintage hound dogs. Those were what I used for the dogs and a font called Black Marble ( the lower case l, looks like the breast cancer awareness symbol) and Beauty and the Beast.
Working Together is the key to making the client happy.
This was the first draft. After asking if she had any suggestions and if she liked it, I went onto the second draft.
I added a second layer of text to cover part of the basset hound puppy. The little paw print with the breast cancer logo was added. Some research went into the cute saying at the bottom though. I did some research for breast cancer slogans. This website listed a bunch! At the very end, there was one that said: “I wear pink for……” I wanted one that pertained to the design and dog lovers. This one fits both.
“I wear pink for my dogs”
In the end, I send the second draft to her asking if changes needed to be made. She loved the design! I sent over all the files (.psd file; for editing), .PNG file (transparent background) and the .JPEG file. Now you can find this design in her Merch by Amazon shop.
*** Update the design was removed
This post outlines the basic process. If you have an idea in your mind but aren’t sure how to approach it, contact me! See terms and conditions in the FAQ.
Thank you for reading!
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