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How To Protect Your Art Online

Your artist, but your afraid to put your work online or on social media because of art thieves right?

If you want to be a successful artist and sell your work you need to be have some sort of online presence. Whether it’s a website or just a Facebook page for your art….

There is no 100% guarantee that your art won’t get stolen… people that do that; just want money honestly. They don’t care!

I do know first hand how awful it feels when your hard work gets stolen though. I have had it happen a few times.

But did you know that once you published your work online it is automatically copyrighted??

Here are some extra steps to help protect your artwork…

Have a Watermark

This is mine! Recently I changed it, you can check out the blog post to see the story behind it.

I put it in the corner of all of my artwork that I shade online. You can also take the extra step to register your logo as a trademark.

Have a copyright notice on where ever you post your work. I have mine in the footer of my blog with a privacy policy, stating the basic copyright information.

© Purelifephotoss 2016 – 2019

Disable Right Click

I use this plugin on my website called

  • Image Watermark – automatically watermarks my images and disables right-click

I do have freebies on my blog such as cell phone wallpaper, I used a plugin called Foogallary, when the image is clicked on it goes to an external link in my Google account.

Use smaller images

I don’t have any actual pictures of my art on my website, just the products from my shops showing the art…

  • Keep the resolution at 72 dpi
  • Decrease the size of your image, your image will still look good and your site will load faster too!

Take Action

If your artwork is stolen, report it! Get in touch with the person who stole your work first, then get in touch with the website team.

Ex: I found my work on Amazon before being sold. The person took the exact image from my Society6 shop and used it as theirs with a high markup. I ended up contacting Amazon, they took it down… after a few weeks the person put it back up

If your artwork is stolen have proof that it actually is yours! Outside links such as blogs where you share it, social posts, your website, shops…

Thank you for reading!


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